Partnering with Property Owners

Partnering with Property Owners

Get Rid of Unwanted Vacancy, Grow your NOI

Top of mind for every property owner is getting rid of unwanted vacancies. A partner that provides a commitment to providing excellent spaces, while serving as marketing engine that attracts the top tier of clientele, including business travelers and working professionals, while providing a unique community amenity would be a dream for every property.

We are here to solve that problem. We partner with developers who have vacancies of units, or want to convert their previously used guest suites back into available inventory. We create really creative and thoughtfully designed living units for our clientele who is looking fore more in their extended stays. If you have even just one property, and do not want to have any vacancies, we partner with single property owners to create a predictable revenue stream. We will ensure you never have to guess where your next tenant comes.

You are partnering with a team that screens out the wrong clientele, has the technology in place to make sure the right clientele have a great impression of your property and want to come back, while protecting the great community experience of your current tenants. Learn more below about how we can bring this partnership to your property or your community.


Your Partnership Opportunity

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Discover our corporate housing program for property communities and owners. Learn more about the unique benefits we bring as a corporate housing provider.

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Learn more about our property management services. Learn more about how we can help you eliminate unwanted vacancies.

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Operational success is ensure due to our processes that have been established for each unit. Learn more about what sets us apart from our competitors.

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Have questions that are not answered regarding our program? Let us find a time to speak with you about our partnership program.

We Donate Part of Each Client's Stay To Support Nonprofit Organizations, Focused on Education Services