Travel in 2019 – The Driftr Podcast Season 2, Episode 16



On Travel in 2019 Season 2 Episode 16 of the Driftr Podcast, we discuss an in-depth review shopping through credit card portals and staffing your card offers on our Cards and Points segment, took a trip to the beautiful city of Cairo, Egypt and discuss our thoughts on Travel in 2019.

Cards & Points

Portals and Credit Card Offers



  • Earn 2x up to 10x per point on the portals at different credit card issuers
  • You can shop at portals such as Apple, or Best Buy, or Sephora, or Bed, Bath, & Beyond
  • Make sure you purchase through the portal and not going to the website directly
  • Save on purchases and get extra points on purchases at your favorite retailers
  • Offers will help you add additional points like 1000 pts for an additional purchase
  • Offers are a great way to save money, and sometimes get like 2x points

You Can Fly With Us

Cairo, Egypt

You Can Fly With Us

What are you travel plans in 2019?

  1. Traveling abroad a few times a year
  2. Avoiding Error Fares as they are dead
  3. Looking for good flight deals, rather than the perfect deal
  4. Using diversified points

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