Q. What is the difference between #airfarehacks, #hot-dealsfeed, and #errorfare-dealsfeed?

A. #airfarehacks is a chat channel for people to discuss super low deals, and possibly glitch deals. This should be your place to chat with other travelers about low deals. #hot-dealsfeed captures hot deals that are not #errorfares, so that you don’t miss low deals. DO NOT CHAT IN THIS CHANNEL. #errorfare-dealsfeed captures error fares only….

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Q: Can I create my own channels?

A: Yes! Feel free to create your own public channels if there is something you want to see. Post in #feedback if you need help.

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Q: What are the regional deal channels and what cities do they cover?

A: The regional channels are made so that you can catch deals in cities that may be closer by to you. There are broken down into 6 different channels as listed below: #east-dealsfeed for Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Orlando Deals #north-dealsfeed for Minneapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, and Chicago Deals #northeast-dealsfeed for New York, Newark, Baltimore, Boston, Philadelpha and Washington D.C. deals #northwest-dealsfeed for Seattle and Portland Deals #south-dealsfeed for Austin>, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, Kansas City, Denver Oklahoma City, and New Orleansdeals #west-dealsfeed for Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, Albuquerque and Sacramento Flight Deals

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