The Driftr Podcast – Episode 5

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On Episode 5 we discuss the Question of the Day: Fondest Travel Memory, points for flights or points for hotels during our Cards and Points segment, take a trip to the beautiful location of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, and discuss our thoughts on carry on luggage or checked luggage.

Question of The Day

Fondest travel memory?

  • Santiago, Chile
  • Havana, Cuba
  • Miami Guys Trip

Cards & Points

Points for hotels or points for flights?


  • Verdict: Points for flights
  • Can do hotels but more cards have better transfer to flights than hotels
  • Depends on your card strategy
  • Usually flights have higher costs than hotels

You Can Fly With Us

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Open Discussion

Carry On or Checked Bags

  • Team Carry On won this round
  • Sometimes checked bags are good if you do not have to pay
  • Team carry on can prevent long times waiting for luggage
  • No worries about losing items when you carry on
  • Be careful as now some airlines are making you pay to put items in the overhead bin

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