Kiarra Sandoval

Kiarra Sandoval, known by most people as “Kiwi” is a resident of Bethesda, MD and has been travelling since she was 18. Her love for travel started when she took her first solo trip to Europe, where she backed pack around London and the mainland of Europe for a few months. Over the years, she has travelled to countries in South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

Her favorite place visited to date is Maui,HI, Accra,Ghana and Anguilla,UK. Her travel destination wish list includes the Greek Islands, Bali, Indonesia, Marrakesh, Morocco and a trip back to Paris, France. On every trip, she tries to mingle with the locals, find pottery unique to each city and take a surfing class. While not travelling, Kiwi enjoys training for Sprint Triathlons, swimming, and spending time with her two Goddaughters.

Kiwi’s ultimate travel goal will be to live in the United States 6 months out of the year and travel to various destinations for the remaining six months.